The Future

of WordPress Is Here.

STAX is a WordPress block theme for the Full Site Editor. Meaning,
you can change everything about this theme — directly in the editor.
Goodbye clunky page-builder plugins. Hello STAX.


The Organic Blocks plugin includes 20 premium blocks for creating amazing content. Each block is showcased in STAX.


STAX includes a large collection of patterns. A pattern is a group of blocks organized in a unique layout for a specific purpose.


STAX features a variety of useful page templates. Templates provide a great starting place for adding patterns and blocks.

Block Theme Goodness

STAX is a block-based WordPress theme. It’s an entirely new way of building WordPress themes using blocks. There’s no messing with code. No rigid layouts. You can change everything — directly in the WordPress editor.

STAX Features

Full-Site Editing

WordPress Full-Site Editing is a new feature that allows users to edit their entire website from within the WordPress block editor. This feature provides a more intuitive and user-friendly way to design and layout your website, allowing you to create and edit pages, posts, and templates all in one place. With Full-Site Editing, it’s now easier than ever to create a website.


WordPress just got so much easier with STAX.

The WordPress Full-Site Editor provides you with complete control over your entire website design. Change global fonts and colors. Customize your header and footer. Modify page templates and layouts. Implement block patterns. The possibilities are truly endless.

Get Stacking

The Organic Blocks plugin is an essential addition for any website looking to enhance its design capabilities. With its collection of 20 custom blocks, it provides the flexibility to create a beautiful website that stands out from the rest.

Content Slideshow

Display posts types within a customizable slideshow.

Max Width

Define a custom width for your content.


Toggle the display of website content.

Link Container

Make any group of content a clickable link.


Display post types in a custom blog layout.


Create custom headers for your website.


Display content within a popup window.

Copy To Clipboard

Click to copy any content to the clipboard.


Display a collection of posts in a portfolio.


Create custom footers for your website.

Icon Box

Display content with an icon — like this!

Featured Content

Display content in a customizable container.


Showcase personal profiles with social media links.

Widget Area

Add classic widgets in the block editor.


A featured banner with background media.

Pricing Table

Create beautiful custom pricing tables.


Client testimonials in a customizable slideshow.


Notify visitors of important information.


Add emphasis to your content to capture attention.


Adjust vertical and horizontal positions.

Organic Block Example

Content Slideshow

The Content Slideshow Block displays a slideshow of posts from a selected post type. It’s perfect for showcasing featured news articles, WooCommerce products, case studies, and much more! The slideshow is highly customizable without being overwhelming.


STAX is a block theme designed for WooCommerce. Create a unique and beautiful store that stands out from the rest.

I Love STAX,

Thank you. You have the best looking templates I have ever seen, and it was extremely fast and easy to build my website. Well worth the money. Thank you again for your service.

— Lynn Sheldon
Organic Block Example

Portfolio Block

The Portfolio Block displays a portfolio layout from a selected post type. Additionally, the block features the option to filter posts by their title or category. It’s an excellent tool for artists, designers, and agencies to showcase their work.

Organic Block Example

News From The Blog

This section features an example of the Posts Block, available within the Organic Blocks plugin. It showcases a group of posts from a selected post type in a blog style layout. Create customizable, multi-column blog layouts with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the STAX theme and Organic Blocks plugin? Well, we’ve got answers.

How Much Does STAX Cost?

Currently, STAX is only available to Organic Themes All Access and Developer members, starting at $99/year. That price includes the Organic Blocks plugin, featuring 20 premium blocks.

What is WordPress Full-Site Editing?

WordPress 5.9 introduced the Full-Site Editor in early 2022. The new editor provides users with the ability to modify every aspect of their theme in the block editor — as long as they are using a block-based theme like STAX.

Why choose the STAX theme?

STAX utilizes the latest WordPress block theme technology and the Full-Site Editor. As a result, creating a website using the STAX theme is incredibly simple. There are no confusing options panels or required builder plugins. Just start building your website. Plus, every element of the theme can be customized in the Full-Site Editor.

What sets STAX apart from page-builder plugins?

Unlike page-builder plugins, STAX is developed using the latest WordPress technology of block theme construction, and utilizes the native WordPress Full-Site Editor. That means your site will run and load faster, and the site editor experience will continually improve with each WordPress update.